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Capture Leads & Earn Sales the Easy Way

Where should we send your free landing page template?

Why are landing pages important?

A landing page is where your potential customers "land" first and ideally, sign up for something that's free. It's where you offer your ideal audience access to your email newsletter, a PDF, webinar or any other form of free content in exchange for giving you their email address or phone number. 


What's the goal of a landing page?


The goal of a good landing page is to 1) generate leads, 2) demonstrate your brand's credibility, 3) deliver value 4) grow your email or SMS list and ultimately, 5) convert website visitors into paying customers.

How do you write a landing page?

Unfortunately, creating a landing page from scratch is difficult and time-consuming. Factors like the layout, images, messaging and call to action can make or break your page. 


The good news is, you don’t have to start at square 1. With our easy-to-use, plug and play template, you can create a high converting landing page in minutes.


We've used this proven format to generate thousands of leads for our clients. Don't waste time or money watching hours of videos, buying expensive copywriting courses or sorting through a sea of marketing mumbo-jumbo online.

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What you get, totally free: 

A landing page template to collect leads’ email addresses

A confirmation page template that delivers your free offer 

OPTIONAL 20-minute video tutorial to optimize your messaging 

Next steps on how to launch your brand new landing page

* No credit card required

More Than Just Words on a Page

Where should we send your FREE landing page template?

Thanks! Your template is on its way.

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Brought to you by Ainslee Johnson

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I spent years in high-powered marketing departments across the U.S before starting my own company in 2019 to help  business owners create effective marketing campaigns and messaging that converts.


We've worked with clients all over the world and in a wide array of industries, including e-commerce, online education, lifestyle and business coaching.


Collectively, we've helped our clients sell over $2M worth of digital products and services, but it took a lot of trial and error to get to where we are today.


I know first hand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to run an online business, but an impressive landing page is the best place to start. this is why I'm giving away the exact template I've used to generate thousands of leads for my clients. I've been tweaking and perfecting this for years and today, it's my gift to you, totally free. 

The Exact Template We've Used to Get These Results 

Coaching & Online Education


Dance Studio Owners Association

“Ainslee has been working with us since 2020 and has been an integral part of our marketing department ever since. She has written opt-in, landing and sales pages for launches totaling over $750,000 in sales. 

Brick & Mortar Businesses


Viyu Networking Services

"Ainslee had amazing ideas for our campaign and the finished product was just what we were looking for. She walked us through everything from start to finish and made the whole process very seamless. The deliverables were organized and detailed and she even sent a tutorial video of how to implement the documents she provided."

Personal Brands &  Influencers


Jonathan Katz-Moses

“We now receive 15% of our traffic from search and rank number 1 in search for several high traffic terms. We have a robust email marketing list and drive traffic to our site from regular communication with our customers. We expect to have a 300% increase in sales this year and have just completed our first round of funding. VOX ATX played a significant role in our successes.”

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